Vintage Country Creations

We create unique furniture and other crafts items. See some of our Photo Gallery creations  below.

Contact Information

Vintage Country Creations ( VCC )

P.O. Box 1054

Germantown MD  20875-1054

(301) 540-6961

Email Address : VCC@ClassifiedParkingLot.Com


Photo Gallery


Bath Room Cabinet and  Magazine StandBowl and Pitcher StandStained Bowl and  Pictcher Stand

    Stained Serving Buffet

Kitchen Display Cabinet Glass Front Floor Cabinet   Cornice Window Treatments Antique Vegetable Storage Cabinet Wide Screen TV Stand Entertainment CenterKitchen Storage Cabinet Shoe Wadrobe Remote/Magazine Stand Printer Stand Cell Phone Charging Station/Shelf Footstool/ Tray TableShelf Pie Safe with Pastry Board Wall Shelf Bath Room Linen Cabinet Pie Safe Lighted Wall NichePowder Room Cabinet Fire Place Mantle Lady Vallet ( Daily clothing organizer) Laptop Computer Tray Kitchen Shelf Easy Chair Side TableDesk Top Keyboard Tray Desk Organizer Cloth Chest Remote/ Nightstand  Storage Shelf Hobby Work Table

Padded Bench Seat Insulated Water Bottle Holders Monitor Stands Mail Station Remote/ Magazine Stand II Clock & Mantle

Earl's Homemade Biscuit Pudding and StuffSUV / Auto  Fishing Rod Holder

New TV Stand BaseOriginal TV StandOld TV Stand with New Base Added


Bed Time Remote Shelf



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